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Artist of the Month...
Mrs. Zhu Pei Fang, or Auntie Zhu as she is often called, is a retired civil servant.  Even before her retirement, she enjoyed delighting her family and friends with great paintings.  Now she spends a great deal of her time painting even more beautiful works of art.  Although she is not a famous professional painter, her works have received numerous honours, including membership in the Wuhan Art Association. She is looking to supplement her meager pension so that she may continue to bring joy to her family, friends... and clients.


Who we are

China Arts is a cooperative effort between a Canadian who, like most you, is in love with Chinese arts and crafts.  Having arrived in China in 2003, I was lucky enough to meet many friends, and some of them are artists... and they have friends, lots of friends... struggling artist friends.

What this is

The China Arts Cooperative has been set up to support Chinese artists directly.  Through this venue they get the majority of the selling price directly into their hands... to enable them to continue producing great works of arts.

China Arts is the place to find original works by renowned and not-so-renowned Chinese artists.  Many of our member artists are recognized professionals.  Others are classified as amateurs, that is they have "regular" jobs and are artists on a part-time basis.  But rest assured that the quality level of all these works is very high.  Check out the artists' profiles to find out their qualifications... and works.

What you get

China Arts ships only original works, one of a kind, signed by the artists who are members of official Chinese artists associations. You also get a certificate of authenticity.  Special requests are welcomed.

Moon Wish
Ink based painting (56cm x 132cm.) by Auntie Zhu, 2007.

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