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Where we are

The China Arts Cooperative is headquartered in China, in Hubei Province's capital, Wuhan.  Our postal address is... 

        39 Hui Ji Road, Suite 4F, Wuhan, Hubei, China  430015

Who Founders are

Xu Ming Qi  (Suzen) has been involved in the arts world for many years, starting in her childhood when she was a member of a traveling entertainment troupe in China.  She has numerous artists friends... many of whom are "starving" artists.

Dr. Jacques L. St-Arnaud has been an avid amateur collector of arts and crafts for many decades.  His collection includes pieces from Canadian native people and Chinese local artists.  He is committed to helping "starving" artists to find clients for their works so that they may continue to contribute to their country's culture... and to the Global Village.

How to contact us

China Arts' main e-mail is...
You can also use our  Feedback Fom

Privacy Policy

China Arts treats all correspondence as confidential.  We do not sell, nor give away any of our patrons' personal or confidential information to any third parties.  We keep all such information in a secure offline database.